"India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi

This famous observation made by the Father of the Nation many years ago, still holds true. Villagers comprise the core of Indian society and also represent the real India. theruralindia.in is for these villagers. 

theruralindia.in is playing a leading role as the media of rural India in the development of villages. We are dedicated with the villagers to give factual information to them on topics related to villages.

Our aim is to become “vocal of local” in rural India.

With theruralindia.in, we aim to ensure that you will be aware of Rural Development, Government Schemes, Modern Agriculture and Villages news with us. 

We are moving forward with the motto "Rural India- Real India".

Our team
  1. Rajendra Prasad (Editor-in-Chief)
  2. Deepak Gupta (Managing Editor)
  3. Rinku (HR & Admin)
  4. Jyoti Varma (Content Writer-Freelance)
  5. Kajal Jain (Freelance Content Writer)
  6. Vijeta Dubey (Social media Expert)
  7. Reepu Kumari (Intern)
  8. Lokesh Nirwal (Intern)